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About Us

Future Education is one place for all your immgration needs. At future education, we provide assistance in securing family visas, dependent visas, student visas, business visa, etc. We believe in providing world class services to our clients. Our skilled professional and expert immigration counselors are the face of our organization. We provide dedicated and timely service to our customers.

We are a 3600 service firm, that prides itself on providing not just the best consultation, but also service that extends far beyond, like training for gateway exams, booking your air tickets, arranging for foreign exchange, arranging accommodation for your first weeks, helping you integrate into your new culture and keeping you updated on policy changes through our staff.

We follow a channelized process for providing accurate guidance to our customers. We believe in providing honest and reliable services to our customers. We are highly transparent in nature. We make our clients feel comfortable by providing them all the necessary information regarding the entire process and charges that would be incurred for immigration and visa services to different countries. We are dedicated and determined to provide guidance and help in the process of immigration and visa in the most user friendly manner.

We as a company made a promise to ourselves and to you, to provide the best quality consulting service, and we are honored to keep our promise to help you realize your dreams.


You are not only an applicant name to us but we see you as an individual to provide you with the right consultation from the start and be with you till the process you get your visa in your hands. We create customized plans that suit your needs and help in completion of the process at the economical rates. Our team consists of experienced consultants years bring to the table many years of hard core immigration experience and knowledge.

Our immigration consultants are the pillars of our organization. They focus on specific country immigration and provide clients personalized guidance. When our professional team is handling a specific visa application for a country, they are updated with all the changes in the immigration and visa laws prevailing at the time of your application. We provide professional guidance for job search and relocation.

Our Working Process

The process of visa initiating a visa is broadly divided into 3 parts. At future education consultants we determine the visa requirements to which you are subject, as well as the submission fee and required supporting documents.


We first evaluate the applicant application by checking the qualification & skills attainted.


We help you to choose the right institute and then apply for offer letter.


After successfully receiving acceptance from the institute , we start with the visa application process.